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Virtual Credit Cards for Travel

A virtual credit card number is a unique, 16-digit number tied to a single travel transaction and issued for a specific dollar amount. It can be used to pay travel vendors, such as hotels, car rentals and airlines. They are designed to be an alternative to T&E cards, ghost cards or central travel accounts, and can be used anywhere credit cards are accepted.

Strategies to Maximize Your ePayables Vendor Enrollment

Vendor enrollment is the most important topic you should cover with your ePayables provider. You need to ask questions like - will our vendors even accept virtual credit cards? What’s the best strategy for enrolling our vendors? Or why aren’t more of our vendors accepting ePayables? Read on to find out the answers to these questions and more.

Small Fleet Trucking, Big Time Savings

At Comdata, we want to help all our customers – including small fleet owners – get every advantage possible, especially when it comes to saving money and time. You’ve grown your business – and continue to grow it – one truck at a time. You value hard work and you deserve an easy way to decrease your operating costs, stay compliant and access cash to keep your fleet on the road. Learn about Comdata's small fleet solutions.

Fall Payments Program Checklist

Move over spring, fall cleaning has arrived! It’s that time of year to start dusting the cobwebs, winterizing your home and evaluating your payments program to prepare for 2017. Whether you have already have an ePayables and payments program and need to evaluate it's effectiveness or are trying to determine if virtual credit cards are right for you, we have a treat for you!

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